Refreshing Seabreeze Candle

(Amalfi Coast)

( amalficoast006 )



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Medium Candle Approximately 35 hour burn time

Height 128 mm

Diameter 77mm

Glass weight 304 grams

Wax quantity 180 grams "sold out"

Large Candle Approximately 65 hour burn time

Height 142mm

Diameter 90mm

Weight 471 grams

Wax content 300 grams "sold out"

X Large Candle Approximately 90 hour burn time

Height 149mm

Diameter 100mm

Weight 602 gram

Wax content 400 grams


Emphasizing the breeze of the ocean and coastal feeling. This fragrance will provide refreshing moment encapsulating the feel of coastal road and ocean views. Invigorating blend of wild freesia, fresh lime and lavender.




Please note

  • Height and diameter are exterior measurements.
  • Jars can be re-used around the house as canisters.
  • You may notice some of our candles have some slight imperfections such as colour changes or unsmooth surfaces. This is because we use 100% Natural ingredients where both Soy wax and fragrance oil react to each other.
  • The slight imperfection of the surface does not affect the burning nor the scent throw of the candles.
  • *We do not use synthetic fragrance oil or colours added to our candles.






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