Gentle Touch Room Diffuser

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Please Note Reed Diffuser is a simple and safe way to infused fragrance constantly. Like our candle fragrance we use the same natural oil for our room diffuser.

Soft & woody blend makes you feel on top of the clouds. Top notes of white cedar blue violet petals. Heart blends freesia ylang heliotrope & cypress. Base note of woody powdery musk.

Gift box set Presented in luxurious box. Ideal gifts for every occasion.


Remove the stopper off the bottle carefully *Place the sticks into the diffuser bottle  Flip the sticks after an hour or when the stick is soaked *Let your reed diffuser naturally diffuse the scents * Don't forget to flip your reed/stick once a week.

Based on our own trials our Reed Diffuser 200mls last 10 months *Reed Diffuser 100ml last 5 months

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